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My 9/11 Retrospective September 11, 2010

Posted by Peter Varhol in Uncategorized.

Most Americans who were adults at the time have an image of what they were doing this day, nine years ago.  I heard from a former colleague yesterday who told me what he remembered most was the weather.

I worked for Compuware at the time, in the NuMega Lab in New Hampshire, reknowned for its software development tools.  I was in my office, readying for a videoconference meeting with some corporate types, when the initial report came through on CNN.com.  What it was readily apparent that it was no accident, there was no inkling as to what might be the cause or the outcome.  Word of the other planes gradually filtered out after our videoconference was over and throughout the morning.

My memories of that day are of Bob O’Brien, sitting at his desk for the entire day, immoble, staring at his computer.  And standing outside Shari Zedeck’s office, I heard an emphatic “Oh shit!” from within as she discovered that our colleague Graham Berkeley had probably been on one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center (he was, as we found out shortly).

In all, there are a jumble of memories of that day, including a very late lunch at a Chinese restaurant with my friend Jim Farley that featured a fog cutter (um, maybe two).

I don’t typically reflect on the past; my natural inclination is instead to anticipate the future.  Still, I’m taking a few minutes out today to ponder just how the world around me has changed in the last decade.



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