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Apps are Becoming a Huge Business February 8, 2012

Posted by Peter Varhol in Education, Software development, Strategy.

I was educated to believe that the way to employ large numbers of people was to make a tangible thing.  Sure, software companies had employees, but rarely the tens of thousands you see making physical products in companies like IBM, HP, Dell, and Cisco (Microsoft is an exception here, making one wonder if it has substantially too many employees).

That’s why I was surprised by the Technet study concluding that the App Economy has created almost half a million jobs since 2008.  The author, economist Michael Mandel, made a few further notes concerning the study on his blog.

I picked a nit on his blog post, noting that most software companies that I’ve worked for have more non-engineers than he estimated, and that his estimate includes an overall “economic impact” of those companies.

But you have to give some serious respect to the app business, with job numbers such as these.  And this only goes to show that a technical and/or tech business education is going to be essential in the future economy.  Even though I no longer write code (except occasionally for self-edification), my foundational mathematics and computer science education makes it possible for me to understand and act upon just about any software or hardware development.



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