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I Am a Veteran May 7, 2014

Posted by Peter Varhol in Uncategorized.

Of the US military service. It was a while ago, and as an Air Force officer the only thing I flew was a desk. I served with mediocrity, but it gave me a perspective that all too few American adults have today.

But I am incredibly disturbed at the allegations and lack of response of veterans dying because of the machinations of the Department of Veterans Affairs. I have no knowledge other than what is in the press, but the government has already admitted to letting veterans die in order to make their statistics look good.

US Government, stop this. Today. President Obama, stop this now. You can, but you appear unwilling. I won’t say unable, because of course you are able if you cared a whit. Clearly you don’t. The lack of response is worse than incompetent; it is evil. My blog post won’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but it is my blog, and I suppose I can have my say. Apparently I cannot on the VA website, which bizarrely directs me offsite to ask a question. I never realized. Stupid, both me but more importantly them.

I realize that CNN is probably sensationalizing things for their own benefit, and I give allowances for loose journalism. But there is clearly something here that the US government has responsibility for, and is falling far short of that responsibility.

I am not political. I don’t blame this failing on any major or minor political party. But make no mistake. It is a failing. And I can blame those currently in power for not having the desire or courage to do the right thing. This is wrong. You have the power to make it right, and decline to do so. Why do you think your citizens hate government? Most of us really don’t care about the political parties, we would really just like to see a little bit of competence and responsibility.

Is it too much to ask?



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