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A Milestone of Physical, Well, Something August 17, 2014

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I am a certain kind of physical specimen, but not one that anyone would necessarily want to copy. I am a good example of a bad example. It’s not so much negative as nothing that can be readily be identified as positive. Mumble-mumble years ago, I was a casual and largely clueless runner, but gave it up in my thirties out of a fear that high-impact aerobics that would lead to injuries later in life.

Nevertheless, I am reasonably healthy in my latter middle age. I remain active, in a passive sort of way. But after acquiring a Fitbit, I rediscovered the self-competitive part of my nature. Almost every day for the past three weeks, I’ve gone out to walk, and increasingly run, longer distances. The one day that I missed consisted of monsoon rains.

So this past weekend I ran in my first-ever organized race, the Narragansett Bay 5K in East Providence, Rhode Island. I finished, and I was not last. This is me in the photo.

I’m not sure where this is taking me. But it’s an exploration that I am very willing to engage in at this point in my life. It’s an experience that I would not have had a short time ago. And according to my doctor, it is one that is doing positive things for my life.




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