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This is NOT Life, Lisa Ling November 7, 2015

Posted by Peter Varhol in Uncategorized.

I confess that I am pretty offended by this CNN article by Lisa Ling, and of the series, entitled This Is Life, in general.  I realize that what you are attempting to do is appeal to a certain demographic, and I am almost certainly not that demographic.  Under most circumstances, I would simply ignore such worthless drivel.

But this is so insulting, to read about you telling the world that life is unwinding in a rave party, on Ecstasy, or Molly. And your whole I was young and should have known better was so after the fact and perfunctory that it was almost certainly added by an editor, again after the fact.

This is not life, despite your desperate attempt to make it so. Now, I’m no expert, but let me tell you what life is.  Life is being told one day you have serious cancer, and require major and life-altering surgery.  And you will likely die anyway.  Life is not being convinced of that presumptive conclusion, because you were getting stronger, not weaker.  And by knowing that, you do your research, finally knowing that you are not going to die.  In fact, you are going to, well, live.

Life is waking up every morning, cherishing what you have and not willing to exchange it for anything in the world.

At worst, life is about being just a little bit better than you are at the moment.

You have no idea what life is, Lisa Ling. And I vehemently resent you trying to tell me, or a mass market what it is.



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