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Microsoft, We Have a Problem December 18, 2015

Posted by Peter Varhol in Uncategorized.

I actually like Microsoft. I love my Band, even if it requires a charge every day (down to 70 percent, after about 18 hours today).  I think Microsoft has done some good things in recent years.

My biggest problem these days is a lack of responsiveness on my system (which is decent enough, but your software keeps pushing people to upgrade, ah, you and Intel). You are a decent company, and I think you make mostly good software.

But. You cannot cause me to reboot three times a day, and still have no response.  It is not an old computer, it is reasonably configured, and I do not download crap.  And stop showing me the Windows 10 upgrade.  Why are we even here?

I do hate to say it. Your operating systems are crap.  I am a tech person, I know what operating systems are supposed to do, and you simply don’t deliver.

I’m sure you are happy to blame whoever, but this problem begins with you. I have used Windows, and I have used Apple.  Microsoft made some good decisions over time with Windows on the UI front.  It is certainly every bit at competitive with Apple.

But there is no reason for this operating system to be so non-performing, and to require reboots multiple times a day.

I don’t think you want the consumer market any more, but you do need it. Get your act together.



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