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We Got the Picture June 20, 2016

Posted by Peter Varhol in Uncategorized.

I am no stranger to football cultures. Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett was two years ahead of me in high school, and as a member of the band I witnessed every single game his senior year.  A number of well-known pro football players have played for high schools in the area.

(To be fair, people have called me an athlete today, but I am a runner, not a fighter).

But the Pennsylvania football culture pales in comparison to the sickness of football in the US South. And, yes, it is very much a sickness.  Of course, there was the blatant attack of a referee on the field in Texas in 2014, which was largely excused.

The accounts of high school and college football players literally getting away with felonies in the South are mind-numbing. The latest is this, where University of Alabama football players caught with weapons and drugs aren’t prosecuted because, according to the prosecutor, they grew up without air conditioning.

Sick. That is the only word that can be used.  It is a culture supported by the university, the alumni, and the law.  It is wrong, and those supporting it are just as culpable.

Granted, nothing that I might say will fix this. But it desperately needs to be fixed.

And if you are an alumni donating money, yes, you too are culpable.  People need to look in the mirror.



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