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Cendella Does It Again December 12, 2016

Posted by Peter Varhol in Technology and Culture.
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Several months ago, I wrote a post on how The Ladders’ CEO Marc Cendella described ways for an older job seeker to deal with a young hiring manager, in which he placed the blame squarely on the older worker.  That is absurd, of course, but we know where his paycheck is coming from, so he beats up on his product (us), rather than his customer (the employer).

Today, I got yet another Cendella missive that went so far over the top that I am beside myself with anger. In it, he said that my resume had a Y2K bug.  Huh?  Yes, that’s right.  I need to remove anything that I did before the Year 2000, lest I be considered to be too old to work.

I want to be face to face with Cendella, and use language that I haven’t used in decades. He is so wrong, in so many ways, that I don’t really have the space or time to spell it all out.

First, as a CEO of a company that purports to want to put people into high-income positions, he must recognize that many of those types of positions require some substantial experience. Having a growth narrative in your resume is a necessity for many jobs.

Second, Cendella is in a unique position to advocate for greater open-mindedness from hiring managers, as well as for older workers to be current and engaged in their careers. He can likely do some serious good here for all.  Instead, he says remove experience from the bottom of your resume.  That is gross, offensive, and a true cop-out.  It’s not even a gimmick; it is a non-solution.

Marc Cendella, you are an unmitigated ass. And should we ever meet in person, I will have much choicer language for you.



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