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Where Were You? December 28, 2016

Posted by Peter Varhol in Technology and Culture.
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I was nineteen years old, in Air Force officer basic training, at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, when the original Star Wars movie made it to the theaters. I had a 24 hour (actually less) pass, Saturday afternoon, a group of us visited the local movie theater in Dover.  The line stretched halfway around the block, but oddly later at night the theater was only half full, and I saw my first Star Wars.

What to say about Star Wars? It was about the adventure.  For those of us who grew up with science fiction, Isaac Asimov, Neil Armstrong, Apollo 13, and more, this was our vision of our future.  A future that we would never see, but a future that we could dream about.

And, of course, this is really about Carrie Fisher, now passed before her time. I didn’t realize it, she was only a year older than me.  Nineteen years old, in that movie.  She had issues, certainly, and may not have been all that she could have, but that counts just about all of us.  She did more than most of us.

And she was a strong woman, as Princess Leia and as Carrie Fisher. As Leia, she showed us, in the 1970s, that women could be heroes.  As Carrie, she showed us that you could be comfortable in your skin, no matter how famous.  I’ve known many strong women, and I wish I had known her.

Bully for Carrie Fisher.



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