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My Fitness Tracker of the Month February 22, 2017

Posted by Peter Varhol in Technology and Culture.

Is the Samsung Gear Fit2 (or something like that).  It has an awkward name, a moronic app, and questionable distance statistics.  In particular, it does not do what it purports to do with flights of stairs, failing to record what it promises.

But it was relatively inexpensive, and does many things at least adequately. It automatically detects walking, running, sleep, and probably other exercises too.  It shows a lot of data on the device, and more on the app, although the app is pretty poorly designed.

I like the slim form factor of the device, which many multifunction trackers don’t have, but was an important characteristic of my late and lamented Microsoft Band.

I still question why Microsoft got out of this business. They had a decent, competitive product at a reasonable price.  I understand that they didn’t sell many, but from my vantage point, they weren’t trying to.  To be frank, their marketing sucked.  I was actually told by one Microsoft employee that the Band was only intended as an experimental testbed, with any sales being incidental.  But they did their customers a true disservice by not continuing it.

I don’t think I’ll stay with the Samsung Gear Fit2 (I can’t even say it without giggling) very long, but it gives me an interesting perspective on alternative for fitness and activity trackers.



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