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Fill This Out With a Number 2 Pencil February 28, 2017

Posted by Peter Varhol in Uncategorized.

I am a reasonably healthy older male, with no personal or family history of heart problems. I recently had a racing heart rate, which was replaced fairly quickly with a normal one.  My doctor, in an abundance of caution, referred me to a cardiologist, claiming reasonably that such an event could result in a blood clot.

Okay. The referral was to the New England Heart and Vascular Institute, which sent me some paperwork.  To be filled out only with a Number 2 pencil.  Yes, it is fill-in-the-circle, from my elementary school standardized tests of 40+ years ago.

I have not owned a pencil in about 20 years, and am not even sure where to get one.

So I go to their website.  What is the biggest word on the page?  Innovation!

I am beside myself with amazement.

I am sorry. Innovation is not a buzzword.  It is something that you believe, invest in, and practice daily.  It is not something that you spray across your website with reckless abandon.

And, believe it or not, there are typos on their website!  And is ‘adn’.

This does not inspire any sort of confidence in this organization. New England Heart and Vascular Institute, I call you out as frauds.  I cannot believe that you would be advising and possibly treating me with any innovation whatsoever.

We talk about quality in software. This is not quality, in healthcare.



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