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This Year I’m Doing 9/11 Different September 10, 2018

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I lost two coworkers on 9/11, one in each plane from Boston to LA that were hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center towers.  I and others in the office have vivid and forever memories of the events of that day.  I’ve written about that in the past.  Now I have something that I think is better, and more useful.

I have registered for the 9/11 Heroes Run.  It honors military, first responders, and victims of 9/11.  There are nationwide runs, both 5K and 10K, but there are none local to me in New England, so I have made it a virtual run.  I can run any race between September 1 and October 14 and it will count.  I also made a small donation to the charity.  For the first time, I think I might help make a difference on this day.

Upon registering, you are asked to designate your hero.  I chose Graham Berkeley, one of my fallen coworkers.  I didn’t know Graham well, but he seemed to be a unique and multi-talented individual.

I know it’s an overused idiom, but Never Forget.