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My Thirtieth Birthday December 12, 2018

Posted by Peter Varhol in Uncategorized.

Was quite a long time ago.  But on my thirtieth birthday, the US President at the time, Ronald Reagan, was in Berlin, giving a speech, of which the most significant part was, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”  It happened, about two years later.  Much later, in 2016, I was there, and I got to see a part of history (hint: don’t buy the chunks of wall on sale just about everywhere).

The point is that I can in no way advocate that the US build a wall, up against its nearest neighbor, when a previous president exhorts the Russians to tear down their own.  If we build our own wall, our shame will extend into the next generations, and of course the wall will not last.

I don’t go political lightly, in public, for several reasons, but there are principles in which I strongly believe.  You may argue that the goals today are very different; I disagree.  I am a second generation immigrant, and whatever else has changed in the US, it is that immigration remains our lifeblood.  We will, and I will emphasize that, we will grow stagnant as a nation and as a people without immigration.  While some of us may be afraid, we are not threatened more now that at any time in our history.



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