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Two Summer Road Races August 15, 2019

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While I am trying to get back to the level of running I was at a couple of years ago (before wild animals started interrupting my pre-dawn runs), I have completed two very interesting runs recently.  The first was the Cabrillo Sunset 5K, in San Diego in July.  This race was in the Cabrillo National Monument, at the very tip of land between the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay.

The race started at the top of the bluff, went 1.55 miles and about 350 vertical feet to near the Pacific Ocean.  And then back up again.  That, of course, was the hard part.  It was probably the most difficult course I have run (well, walked, mostly).  Here is the finisher’s medal.


The second race, at the beginning of August, was the Summer Sizzler in Wilmington NC, my sister’s hometown.  As the name implies, coastal North Carolina can get very hot and humid first thing in the morning.  The first time I ran it, two years ago, I saw something swimming in Greenfield Lake.  I looked closer, and sure enough, it was an alligator.  I wasn’t the only one who saw it, and since then it has become the official mascot of the race.  This year, the 10K finisher’s medal included the alligator:


Unlike many people, I don’t run for a runner’s high or for a sense of peace and quiet.  Instead, I appreciate the sense of accomplishment after I finish.


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