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One More Trip Around the Sun September 11, 2019

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And it is once again 9/11, eighteen years later.  I was a working mid-career adult at the time, and it is striking to me that people who are voting for the first time this year were likely not even born on that date.  It is history to them, and that is how it should be.  My own memories remain vivid, at work, knowing that the world had just changed, but not knowing what that meant as to just how.

It’s personal to me, though perhaps not in a deep sense.  I lost friends and colleagues that day.  Last year, I did a virtual road race in support of their memories, as well as those who were first responders.  This year, I wanted to once again acknowledge those memories.

Today, we are afraid, not like we were in the immediate aftermath of that day.  I remember that evening, watching President Bush walk across the White House lawn to a podium set up out in the open.  He was as protected as any human being could be, yet I cringed that yet another airplane, or a missile, could come crashing down at any moment.

Today we are afraid of the randomness of our existence.  We could be at work, at the mall, in a restaurant, and our next breath could be our last.  Of course, that was always true, but we believed we had a modicum of control over our future and our fate, only to be violently reminded that we are players in a larger drama.

If you could, please take a moment today to remember those who were going about their daily lives, only to have the Fates suddenly and randomly cut their cords short.  And remember those first responders who gave their lives and their health to do their difficult jobs to the best of their ability.  Thank you.