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Introduction to Cutting Edge Computing

I wanted a blog, and here it is.  Well, a lot of it isn’t really terribly cutting edge, but the topics are of interest to me, and I hope to many of you.  I have a lot of opinions, most of which have to deal with computers and technology, and for the first time in my life have some time to devote to expressing them.  Because I sneeze in about a thousand words, I’m hoping to produce several substantive posts a week that provide the state of my thinking on various parts of the computer industry.

You can find out something about me at https://pvarhol.wordpress.com/about/.  It’s an I-love-me page, and I’m a bit embarrassed about it, but it’s probably necessary to promote myself in such inflated ways.

I didn’t want to write a technology news blog.  I’m not a reporter (I’m barely a journalist), and don’t know how to break stories.  Instead, I try to dig under the news part of recent and relevant stories to bring some insight or perspective.  I hope I’m up to it.

Why should you read Cutting Edge Computing?

1. I’ll have fresh content several times a week.

2. I’m fairly literate, reasonably intelligent, and if all else fails, entertaining in my delusions.

3.  I’d like to think I have a pretty down-to-earth take on some of the advances and events in certain areas of technology.

I also decided to blog for commercial value (warning: advertisement coming).  After years of working for The Man, I’ve struck out on my own as Technology Strategy Research, LLC.  I help technology companies identify their audience, and plan and conduct outreach activities to that audience in order to create awareness and enthusiasm.  I do so through technical marketing products, blogs, webcasts, screencasts, and live presentations.  If this is your introduction to me, and you think my services might be useful, you can email me here.


Peter Varhol


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