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Testing and the Aftermath of Brussels March 26, 2016

Posted by Peter Varhol in Software development.
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My collaborator Gerie Owen and I had the honor and privilege of speaking twice at the Belgium Testing Days conference.  We are very familiar with the areas that suffered from indiscriminate terrorist bombings earlier this week, and our hearts go out to the victims and survivors.

Much can be said about this. I will limit my comments to its impact on the testing community in Belgium and in Europe in general.  While the organizers of Belgium Testing Days have confirmed to us that they and their loved ones are well and safe, it seems like any organization that is trying to bring people together in Belgium, and to perhaps a lesser extent in other parts of Europe, is at risk.

And that sets back the testing community immensely. One of the important things that we do as a profession is to gather people of similar interest and enthusiasm to exchange knowledge and ideas to advance the field.  It has been my perception that Belgium Testing Days was an important part of that exchange in the European testing community.

No matter where we work or live, we are influenced by outside events. In this case, these events can stunt the growth of our community, and the professional development of individuals.

Gathering in large groups may not be what we want to do right now, because of the risk of being involved in a terror attack. We all make our own decisions, of course.  But I am going to continue to participate in testing and DevOps conferences, in Europe and beyond.