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About Peter Varhol

I am a technology manager and technology writer with extensive knowledge and experience in computer software and managing computer products.  As a technology product manager, I have led the market-driven development strategy of several tools for professional programmers.  As a technology writer, editor, and manager, I have investigated and written hundreds of articles on advances in the Internet and Web, software development, embedded systems, operating systems, networking, and other technical software and hardware.  As a college professor and industry speaker, I have explained and demonstrated fundamentals and advanced techniques in computing and information systems.

Okay, that’s the CV version.  Since the mid-1980s, I’ve moved fairly frequently between industry, academia, and technology publishing.  I like parts of all of them, but find myself drawn to new and different challenges a lot.  Today I refer to myself as a professional communicator; I speak on technical topics at conferences and in webinars, and write articles and white papers.  I still remember how to code, but only do so to build demos and satisfy my curiosity.

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